ARandR: Another XRandR GUI

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ARandR is designed to provide a simple visual front end for XRandR. Relative monitor positions are shown graphically and can be changed in a drag-and-drop way.




Bugs / Communication

Ongoing development

An overhauled version of ARandR is in the works in the next branch found in the git repository. Feature parity with the current releases has not been reached, but some interesting features are already implemented:

Features targetted for the first release from the new branch:

Similar projects

A number of other programs exist that cover similar functionality, often bundled with a particular desktop environment. Those I know of are, in alphabetical order:


If you are fluent with languages not yet supported, you can add translations to ARandR using gettext. An easy way to do this is ARandR's page on hosted Weblate.

If you want to contribute code, contact me directly or send bug reports, suggestions, patches and git pull requests to the bugtracker.

If you want to support the project via flattr, you can flattr this.


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Inspired by the dual head sketch in the ThinkWiki.

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