The idea incubator is my list of ideas which I like, which I'd like to see develop, but which I currently don't have the time to fully implement or to pursue in a way it would lead to tangible results.

Don't hesitate to take them up and do whatever you want with them, just please keep me updated so I can link whatever you do with it or write about it from the articles.

I am very interested in all kinds of comments on them, from "There is no need for that because of X" over "Yes, I'd like that too" to "I'm already doing this, see Y" or "Hey, let's do this together" -- just send me an email.

For more information about why I publish that and what is supposed to happen with it, please have a look at the idea incubator idea page.

Content of the idea incubator

The list was started 2015-03-08; ideas trickle in as I clean up my assorted notes or browser sessions.

--chrysn 2020-03-08